Yellowstone character Beth Dutton is the tallest person on TV, period

Like everyone else on the planet, my love and obsession for yellowstone knows no limits. As Season 5 begins, of course, I’m going insane — which, by the way, just happened to Stan. Do I have a fantasy of escaping to Montana, living on a ranch, and riding with cowboys? Yes yes I do.

I binge-watched the first four seasons of Stan while stuck in the New Year’s wave with old COVID, and it was my love for Beth Dutton during that time (Kelly Reilly) became strong.

Unable to interact with anyone and to isolate myself, I developed an attachment to a fictional character that is very normal and cool.

But it was during this heavy yellowstone To see for a lifetime that certain qualities of Beth reminded me of myself, only in a much less violent way and with 100% fewer cowboys in the picture.

The resemblance between me and Beth was also noticed by my family members (who are too yellowstone fanatic), so much so that this is a real exchange between me and my father.

My dad has John Dutton vibes

Some call it bitchy, I say it’s real villain energy. And maybe my own country roots will come through (Tamworth baby!), but it’s really special Kelly Reilly’s character.

And I believe that so much that I calculate Beth Dutton isn’t just the best character yellowstone but maybe EVER, and I’ll fucking die on that hill! And here’s why.

She’s not afraid to hold her own against the big boys of Yellowstone

God, I just want balls the size of Beth’s because she gives zero shit. Since we’ve met Beth, she’s had no shortage of enemies while she works to protect them yellowstone‘s Dutton Ranch.


The woman plays the long game when she also has a grudge to settle, like when she ended up with her former boss Bob Schwartz (Michael Nuri), she got her revenge by taking Market Equities’ majority stake in her new job. She fired Bob and took his job as president of the company’s Montana division… moving a lot of power?

There were also some classic encounters with Beth Jackie Weber‘s Caroline Warner, and one thing is for sure, Beth never backs down. Unfortunately, her “brother” is Jamie (Wes Bentley) also falls into the enemy category… but this guy is an idiot, so I’m Team Beth in that regard yellowstone Feud.

Beth rocks a pant suit like no other

Business cowgirl chic is a difficult dress, but Beth pulls it off… All of them. Single. Damned. Time.

I'll just say it: Yellowstone's Beth Dutton is one of the best TV characters of all time, period

They always say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Well, Beth dresses to be a bad slut.

I had shit to do lately so I channeled my inner Beth Dutton and I have no regrets. I put on my most professional outfit and walked like I owned one yellowstone ranch and take revenge on everyone who has ever wronged me. (Okay, I am easy overkill, but the confidence boost was great.)

She got married in it

If I were ever to get married, I would want to do like Beth, wear a gold mini dress and a fur coat, and kidnap a priest to perform the marriage.


Beth and Rip (Cabbage Hauser) Love story is long and not without complications, about which we will learn more with yellowstone‘s flashbacks, but this is a love story that I’m 100% committed to.

When she loves, she loves hard and she knows Rip is her cowboy. It’s a match made in Montana.

Your undying loyalty

Beth’s loyalty to her father John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and the ranch is probably what yellowstone Fans resonate with most. There’s not much she hasn’t done or been through, including some pretty horrific attacks. But she stands firm and does not flinch.


While her brothers Jamie and Kayce (Luke Grimes) made selfish decisions, Beth sticks to them and there’s never any doubt which side she’s on.

Speaking about the ranch and her father, she said, “His dream is my Alamo… and I’ll die on the damn wall defending it“. I’m sorry but this is a VIBE and I love it.

their big hats

Sure, Beth’s collection might not be as big as Daddy Dutton’s, but she knows how to rock a big hat, and if you see me in a hat like Beth, please mind your own business.


We can only hope that season five brings us more Beth in hats. We deserve it.

you can catch yellowstone in all his glory with big hats exclusive to Stan. Visit Sydney’s pop-up Dutton Ranch Watering Hole November 18-20 yellowstone– themed food, bevs and trivia.

Amy Stevenson is a freelance writer and Yellowstone lover based in Sydney. You can follow her on Instagram HERE.

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Image: Stan