Who is Ana Montana, LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend? Everything you want to know

LaMelo Ball is now dating Ana Montana, an Instagram model and web-based entertainment powerhouse. As stated by The Sportsline, the couple have been together since February. Strangely, they have a 12-year hiatus from each other.

Ball turned 21 last August while Montana is 33. Regardless of how the expression goes, “Age is just a number.” With that in mind, let’s examine who Ana Montana is and how she and Ball became a couple.

How did LaMelo Ball and Ana Montana start dating?

Ana Montana is a notable Instagram powerhouse and model. The Instagram sensation has 2.6 million followers at the moment of this composition. Rapper TI’s music video for the tune “Dope” included Montana. According to The Sun, her real name is Analicia Chaves.

Her exact date of birth is unclear, but she was conceived sometime in 1989. Sources say Montana recently turned 33.

Ana Montana, who remains at 5-foot-7, has reportedly been dating Charlotte Hornets whiz LaMelo Ball for a very long time at this point. However, some sources guarantee that their relationship is still new and have recently started dating.

There are no photos of them all seen together. In any case, every now and then they would post about each other on their respective virtual entertainment accounts.

LaMelo Ball is injured again

Once again, LaMelo Ball, who recently returned to the Charlotte Hornets’ setup, was injured. On November 17, near the very limit of their misfortune with the Indiana Pacers, he injured himself. Tragically, Ball stepped on a fan’s foot, causing his lower leg to hyperextend.

Amusingly, the Hornets star re-injured a similar lower left leg that he had been recovering from recently.

According to Sports Represented, it’s unclear when the ball will return. After first injuring his lower left leg, Ball missed the first 13 laps of the time. On November 13, he officially made his debut of the 2022-23 season against the Miami Intensity.

Since his return, Ball has only had the opportunity to play three games. He currently averages 19.3 focuses, seven bits of help, 3.7 bounce backs and one take for each game.

Without question, the Hornets will be hurt if they lose their setup genius again. They had a fair 3-3 record in the first six rounds of the period before beginning an eight-game long streak of errors.

They are currently 4-12 in their first 16 games and have lost nine of their last ten games.