UM Athletics reports 15 NCAA violations in 2021-22 | Sports

The University of Montana Department of Athletics reported 15 NCAA violations in 2021-22, according to its annual Intercollegiate Athletics Report submitted to UM’s Faculty Senate.

Montana State University’s athletic update, presented to the Faculty Senate this fall, listed no NCAA violations.

Of the violations reported by UM, eight involved the recruitment of student athletes. In the NCAA’s 2020-21 General Report on Division I Violations, the majority of reported violations also involved solicitation and contact.

The first violation listed is that a UM head coach had contact with a transfer athlete before his name was listed on the NCAA transfer portal. This violation was followed by two violations in which assistant coaches at UM had improper telephone contact with recruits or their families.

UM has also listed two violations involving sending automated emails to prospects before allowable dates. The Griz received two running-training-related violations from non-head coaches.

Another violation found in the report was that UM student-athletes were not given two days off from athletic activity — which is supposed to be a guarantee.

The report noted updates on coach recruitment and a statement on labor shortages.

“The athletic department faces a similar labor shortage seen across campus and in Missoula,” the report said. “The rising cost of living in the area, coupled with a nationwide trend of high turnover in the collegiate athletics field, is making it difficult to fill a number of key administrative and assistant coaching positions.”

Both MSU and UM listed the grade point averages of their respective athletic departments. MSU student-athletes achieved a 2.26 GPA in Spring 2022, while Griz athletes averaged a 3.39 GPA for the same semester.

UM’s report also notes that UM worked less than normal with an academic advisor.

“Following two unsuccessful searches, another search was launched to return three full-time counselors,” it said.

In the same intercollegiate athletics report, UM also mentioned how it operated at full capacity, hosting every home event to an unrestricted audience. The report also highlighted UM football’s victories over the University of Washington, Montana State and eastern Washington.

Care was also taken to ensure that 14 of UM’s 15 teams participated in postseason games. Of those teams, the UM soccer team was the only team to bring home a Big Sky Conference Championship last year.