The College GameDay analyst returns to show in Montana State in Week 12

Lee Corso returned to ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday as the pregame show traveled to Montana State for the Week 12 edition. Corso missed a few straight shows due to health issues, but traveled to Bozeman, Montana ahead of the Montana Grizzlies’ rivalry game against the Montana State Bobcats.

“I missed you guys like crazy,” Corso said on Saturday. “One thing, we’re going where Disney tells us to go. It’s cold here in Montana. This is the 121st game between Montana and Montana State, and it’s the coldest. Montana is an underdog and I love it because I love the Bobcats.”

Host Rece Davis shared an earlier update on Corso on GameDay as he revealed the longtime analyst’s health.

“Lee Corso is still recovering,” Davis said last week. “I hope he continues to recover and that he will be back with us really soon.”

Davis shared a similar sentiment the previous week.

“Lee Corso is still recovering” said Davis. “I’m looking forward to getting him back. I spoke to LC this week. I said to him: ‘What can we do for you?’ He said ‘go kill them on Saturday’ and I think we can do that with a game like this.

Co-host Kirk Kerbstreit messaged Corso the week before.

“Quick to Lee Corso – spoke to him yesterday just to make sure he was ok.” said Herbstreit. “He’s going to have some more tests and a procedure in a few days but he’s very, very optimistic about being back on the show next week. So, Coach, if you’re watching, man, we love you. See you soon.”

Corso has been with College GameDay since the program began in 1987 and has picked with cast members including Herbstreit and former Michigan wide receiver Desmond Howard.

“It’s very strange for all viewers and of course for us on set not to have Lee here.” Herbstreit said in the Oct. 8 edition of the program. “He’s sounding better but I think by doctor’s orders he shouldn’t be able to travel this week but the news with the tests he’s received is good. He will be with us next week. Wherever College GameDay is, LC will be back with us where it belongs.”

Corso’s airtime has dwindled in recent years due to his health and age, but he remains a staple of America’s most-watched pregame show, and his headgear choices are often fans’ most anticipated segment each week.

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Corso played quarterback at Florida State before beginning his coaching career there in 1958 as an assistant. He later served as head coaches in Indiana, Louisville and Northern Illinois.