Eagle Bancorp Montana is now covered by StockNews.com.

Eagle Bancorp Montana added coverage to StockNews.com (NASDAQ:EBMT) on Monday. The company has given the bank’s stock a “hold” rating.

Research papers on the company have also been recently released by several other research analysts. A research report published by Janney Montgomery Scott on Thursday, October 27th revised the rating from a “buy” on Eagle Bancorp Montana to a “neutral” rating on the company. DA Davidson gave Montana-based Eagle Bancorp an Outperform rating in a research report published Wednesday, July 27. In the note, DA Davidson said they lowered their target price on Eagle Bancorp Montana to $21.00.
On Monday, EBMT stock opened at $18.90. Eagle Bancorp Montana’s 52-week low is $18.00 while the company’s 52-week high is $24.74. The company’s market cap is currently $150.82 million, its P/E is 15.49, and its beta is 0.52. The company’s 50-day simple moving average is $18.93 and its 200-day simple moving average is $19.30. There is a debt to equity ratio of 0.49, the quick ratio is 0.79, the current ratio is 0.80 and the quick ratio is 0.79.
Recent events have resulted in either an increase or decrease in EBMT’s holdings in certain hedge funds. During the second quarter, Stockman Wealth Management Inc. increased its stake in Eagle Bancorp, Montana, by 24.1%. Stockman Wealth Management Inc. now has 15,514 shares of the bank valued at $309,000 thanks to the fact that it made an additional purchase of 3,011 shares during the period. During the first three months of the year, Brandes Investment Partners LP added 35.6% more shares to its holdings in Eagle Bancorp, Montana. After making additional purchases during the quarter totaling $3,210, Brandes Investment Partners LP now owns 12,231 shares of the bank, valued at $273,000. BHZ Capital Management LP increased its stake in Eagle Bancorp Montana by 3.1% in the first quarter. BHZ Capital Management LP now owns a total of 56,399 shares of the bank, valued at $1,259,000, having purchased an additional 1,703 shares during the period in question. During the first three months of the year, Cutler Capital Management LLC invested approximately $1,474,000 in Eagle Bancorp, Montana by purchasing new stock in the company.
Last but not least, State Street Corporation increased its stake in Eagle Bancorp Montana by 8.3% during the first three months of the year. After an additional 1,107 share purchases during the period, State Street Corp. now owns 14,471 shares of the bank, valued at $323,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 32.52% of the stock.

Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc. is the parent company of Opportunity Bank of Montana. Opportunity Bank of Montana offers a variety of retail banking products and services to individuals and small businesses in Montana. All types of checking, savings, money market, individual retirement accounts, and certificates of deposit are acceptable forms of payment here.