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Northwest Iowa – Here is the weekly fisheries report for Northwest Iowa from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources……………

East Okoboji LakeThe lake temperature is in the low 30’s. Many places are thinly icy. The water level is 10 inches below the crown. Walleye fishing starts early in the morning and later at night with live bait, live bait jigs or crank baits. Try fishing under structure or above vegetation. Black crappie – Good: Try small jigs tipped with a minnow or tube jig and bobber. bluegill – Fair: Use tube jigs, plastics, or other small jigs. walleye – Fair: Try crawler harnesses, crankbaits and minnows. Yellow Perch – Fair: minnows work well; Sorting may be required.

Lost Island Lakewalleye – Good: Try spinners, crankbaits and flat shadraps. Evening bite improves as the water cools.

Lake MinnewashtaBluegill and crappie fishing was good; Sorting may be required.

Silver Lake (Dickinson)Zander biting has increased as water temperatures cool. walleye – Good: Use spinners, crankbaits and long and flat shadraps.

ghost lakeThe lake is 14 inches below the crest. Much of the coast is covered by a thin layer of ice. The zander season has started. The water temperature is in the upper 40’s. Try early morning and late night zander fishing from the bank using live bait, live bait jigs or crankbaits. muscle lung – Good: Try crankbaits, bucktails and softbaits. walleye – Good: Bite is hit-or-miss in twilight, but daytime bite improves. Many anglers have started fishing along weed edges in shallower waters with slip bobbers. Try spinners, crankbaits, and long and flat shad raps. Look for weed lines to troll or jig on. Yellow Perch – Good: Use small jigs with a minnow for a tip. Sorting may be required.

Western Okoboji LakeThe water temperature is in the upper 30’s and far from ice forming. The water level is 10 inches below the crown. Black crappie – Fair: Try small jigs with a minnow as a tip. bluegill – Good: Use pipe gauges, plastics or other small gauges. walleye – Fair: Crawler harnesses, crankbaits and minnows work well. Yellow Perch – Fair: use small jigs with a minnow tip. Sorting may be required.

Most small to medium-sized lakes are completely frozen. Most large lakes are still relatively ice-free. No lake currently offers safe ice for ice fishing. All docks and hoists are down for the season. The lake level in the area is currently low. The expanded forecast calls for slightly warmer temperatures, which should slow ice formation. For current conditions, contact the Spirit Lake District Office at 712-336-1840.