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Dissatisfied with supervisors about the emergency services

The Washington County Board of Supervisors destroys the Washington County Ambulance Service.

Minutes of the Board of Supervisors in The Southeast Iowa Union, The News, and on KCII Radio point to the micromanagement of the Ambulance Department and the Washington Co. taxpayer’s waste of money in handling personnel matters. The board voted unanimously and ILLEGALLY to place the ambulance director on “unpaid administrative leave.” The board had to revoke the unpaid leave after an out-of-county attorney found they had acted illegally. We have a paid district attorney. Why is the board wasting taxpayer money hiring another attorney? The county also pays a human resources officer, but has found it necessary to hire other human resources officers from ISAC for investigations. In addition to an out-of-county recruiter, the Board is considering hiring ONE ANOTHER HR contractor, INCS, at a cost of $950 PER MONTH! WHY are they wasting MORE tax dollars?

The board appointed the administrative assistant to oversee the emergency services while the director is on paid administrative leave. Due to a lack of respect from the Board, the Deputy Admin resigned.

Supervisors say they’ve heard negative feedback about the Basic Life Support Truck, particularly regarding a transport from the University of Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska. How does a district citizen even know who or where the truck is transporting? Were the complaints from disgruntled employees violating the chain of command set out in the manual? At no point were County 911 personnel compromised. The department profit for this single referral was $2,470.98. Additional units remained available for all calls during those nine hours.

In a no-confidence letter to the board, read by Mike Freel, (part-time employee and brother-in-law of Supervisor Bob Yoder, conflict of interest?), he stated that staff morale was low. Supervisors voted to give ONE paramedic a nearly $3.00 raise. How does this improve morale among other employees?

At a previous meeting, the supervisors said they could NOT pay the director for his 840 overtime hours because if they did this for a director, they would have to do the same for all other departments.

At a ZOOM meeting, Supervisor Richard Young said he had sold the buildings and assets but was keeping the Washington County Ambulance Inc. name. Therefore, he could always buy an ambulance and start his own service. THAT is a conflict of interest. Supervisor Young should retire from ALL decisions affecting the current Washington County Ambulance Service.

It’s time to hold the board accountable for the waste of taxpayers’ money and inexcusable actions related to the Washington County Ambulance Service.

Dana Pick



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protection of all rights

We, the people of Iowa, haven’t lost our minds, we’ve been fooled.

On November 8th, we sent a clear message to DC of our values ​​that we want to protect.

But once our Red Wave delegation is in DC, we’re out of sight and out of mind.

Senator Joni Ernst and three representatives, Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Zach Nunn, quickly joined Democrats in supporting their Respect Marriage Bill.

Democrats never give up their faith.

In 1996, the Senate passed Defense of Marriage Act 85-14, the House of Representatives passed 342-67, Bill Clinton signed into law limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

The Iowa Republican Party Platform 2022 clearly states that we (Iowa Republicans) believe traditional marriage is best for a healthy civilization.

We thought we were voting Republicans and we gave them campaign money.

It turns out they are just Obama’s little carnival hooters, helping the Democrats in their fundamental transformation of America.

This whole LBGTQ movement is huge, in our schools, and our own Mt Pleasant Iowa Wesleyan College is having a Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil and Transgender Awareness Week.

No recognition of traditional values ​​that have made our country strong and prosperous.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that this marriage law affects him personally, his daughter’s wife will have a baby.

Let’s put this stuff to rest and get onto something important.

No more discrimination, marry who or what you love, your dog, cat, donkey, truck or motorcycle and as many as you love.

Then proceed to child rights, just enter a gender-neutral first name and leave the rest of the birth certificate for the child to fill out.

When they’re ready, they can decide what day to celebrate, receive cards and gifts, their preferred gender, race, and even who their parents are.

Don’t worry, these pseudo-Republicans will be coming back from Washington in two years begging for campaign dollars so they can re-establish our Iowa family traditions in DC.

Leland Graber