The west campus is taking shape as the first 10-year master plan projects

It’s an exciting time to be a Hawkeye and witness the campus transformation that will take place beginning in 2023. study rooms and other amenities.

Some work is already underway on the west side of campus, where other projects await that will help the university fulfill its missions of educating students in Iowa and caring for patients in Iowa.

Progress will cause some short-term disruption to students, faculty, staff, patients, and visitors, but the long-term benefits of growth and modernization will position the university for continued success.

“As with any major construction project, we are committed to minimizing the impact on our campus community, patients and visitors,” said Rod Lehnertz, senior vice president of finance and operations and university architect. “These temporary inconveniences allow for an exciting transformation of the campus that will benefit generations to come.”

Enabling projects for a new health tower

In January, UI Health Care announced plans for a new stationary tower, made possible by a $70 million donation from the Richard O. Jacobson Foundation. In order to erect the state-of-the-art tower in its planned location and connect it to the current hospital complex, several other projects must first be completed.

The new tower will be built on top of three existing buildings: Hospital Ramp 1, a water tower, and the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center. Several projects from spring 2023 make this possible:

  • Construction of a new parking ramp north of Kinnick Stadium (Lot 43) is expected to be completed in winter 2024. The new Hawkeye ramp will connect to the existing hospital skywalk and provide approximately 900 parking spaces primarily serving university faculty and staff working on the hospital campus.
  • When the Hawkeye ramp is complete, Hospital parking ramp 1 will be demolished.
  • A larger water tower To expand capacity, construction is being carried out on the west campus to the north-west of the outdoor soccer practice fields. Completion is expected in mid-2025, after which the existing water tower will be built near the main hospital and the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center will be demolished.
  • The Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center and Iowa’s High Level Communication Sciences and Disorders Program need a new home. A new Academic building on the west campus is being built for this and two other programs: Health and Human Physiology and the Carver College of Medicine physical therapy program. This building will be erected on the site of the existing one South Quad and the adjacent parking lot (Lot 14).
    • In progress now the north wing of the Pharmaceutical sciences research building is being renovated and will be the new home of Iowa’s Military Science and ROTC program, currently located at South Quad. The renovation is expected to be completed in late spring 2023.
  • The demolition of South Quad is expected in summer 2023.
  • construction of the new Academic building on the west campus is expected to begin in summer 2023, with expected completion in mid-2025.
  • That Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center The building is scheduled for demolition in summer 2025.

Finally building the new one stationary tower is expected to start in late summer 2025. The tower will add more beds for UI hospitals & Clinics that are constantly busy or overwhelmed. The additional space will greatly improve operations and help the hospital continue to provide access and care for complex patients, who come from all counties in Iowa.

“The addition of the new inpatient tower will help ensure the continued quality of patient care at UI Hospital & Clinics that all Iowans rely on,” says Lehnertz. “This modernization plan is visionary and will establish the University of Iowa as a destination for students, faculty, staff and patients well into the future.”

About the 10-year plant master plan

Projects that are part of the 10-year facility master plan are paid for with a mix of donor funding, government funding, hospital revenue, and other sources.

In January, the Iowa State Board of Regents approved UI to proceed with planning projects that are part of the 10-year plan. Once projects have been developed and funding commitments identified, individual projects are submitted to the Board of Regents for design and budget approval.

The plan, which encompasses the next decade of campus development, is expected to evolve and change over time.

Other projects in planning or in progress

Goschke Family Wrestling Training Center
Construction of the Goschke Family Wrestling Training Center began in June. The center will be built adjacent to Carver-Hawkeye Arena, home of Iowa wrestling for nearly 40 years. A tunnel will connect the new center to Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Expansion of the emergency department
UI Hospitals & Clinics is expanding its emergency department to meet the needs of more complex patients, including complex psychiatric patients, and to improve patient flow through the emergency department. Highlights include an expanded behavioral health room, the move of the Crisis Stabilization Unit closer to the ER, a new dedicated pediatric room and assistive technology.

Expansion of the John Pappajohn Pavilion
UI Hospitals & Clinics is adding two stories to the John Pappajohn Pavilion to accommodate more patient beds. An additional stationary unit is created on the new level nine. Mechanical equipment to support all floors will be moved to the new level 10 and existing floors seven and eight will be refurbished to add additional capacity. The expansion is in the planning phase and should be completed by summer 2025.

Renovation of the south wing level 2
UI Hospitals & The clinics will add 13 inpatient beds by renovating the second level of the South Wing between General Hospital and Roy J. Carver Pavilion. This project was approved by the Board of Regents in November and is in the planning phase with construction expected to start in Spring 2023.

Development of the ambulance
UI Hospitals & Clinics is seeking an outside development team to acquire land, design, engineer, build and own a medical office building in Iowa City. This will increase access to primary care for the local community and train physicians in a similar environment to other primary care offices in Iowa.