The Hyball: The Full Connor McCaffery Experience

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Holiday week, so no noteworthy intro.

The Hybal

“Expectations are resentments waiting to materialize.”

Last week

21.11. – #25 Iowa 100, Nebraska Omaha 64: Krissssss.

Always love a career high. Murry has kind of gotten to the point where he just feels inevitable. Those 30 could have turned 45 if his services were actually needed later.

Also: rank, my son!

* * *

Anyone wanna tell him it’s Thanksgiving week and they were 30-point favorites?

Speaking of Connor, that thoughtful/complaining tweet + those two clips is the full experience.

Absence assistance defense if assistance defense was mandatory:

sick as hell

Speaking of medical records, this Sandfort dime was my favorite play of the game:

Additional Omaha Thoughts:

– Had no idea Perkins was injured until he was dressed for that game; He said it was a lower body injury but he is expected to play on Friday

– Counted three times where my guy Josh Ogundele got massive cheers just for touching the ball; he became a indeed Fan favorite and I missed it?

“The crowd really wants him to make it work.”

– Two Dasonte Bowen plays for our pleasure

In this week

11/25 – Iowa (25) at Clemson: As long as Dabo isn’t there I’m sure it’s going to be a good time.

11/29 – Iowa (25) vs. Georgia Tech: Bzzzzz.

Caitlin corner

Here’s a pass I liked.

This game. Shot. An equally terrible finish with a mix of poor execution (Iowa had tied the ball late and didn’t attempt a shot due to the tie), iffy philosophy (two previous crunch-time possessions without Caitlin Clark touching the ball) and , in opinion this author’s acting motherfucker. But as Braydon said:

First, my general position is that umpires should not call fouls in the last few seconds unless they are clear. It’s just too easy to look back and find dozens of examples of harder contact that haven’t been called up throughout the game.

Second, the referee apparently decided that the first contact was accidental and allowed play to continue. It’s brutal to call a player to trip when the other player was at least 50% responsible for that player being down in the first place.

But I also have to acknowledge that the referees counted many weak contacts as a foul throughout the game. This certainly benefited Iowa at times throughout the game. The simple truth is that Iowa shouldn’t be able to let one call decide the game.

The play in question:

Damn you tell me. The announcers pointed out that a fallen defensive player on a no-call can still foul if the offensive player is later tripped, but it seemed like Gregory lost the ball entirely before he tripped (not sure if which is taken into account in this new one). Rule).

Such a bummer of a game.

chevron ring

Mr Brightside?
Mandatory Michigan section

The Blue Boys took one on the chin against Arizona State, which, if you don’t know, is a low-key Michigan rival. It started two years ago when the Wolverines lost award-winning recruit Josh Christopher to ASU when the crystal ball determined them as favorites*. Then scheduled starting PG Frankie Collins rescheduled this offseason after believing he was being overtaken (most disagree that was the case). So now he’s her PG1, and he’s got his… can you call it revenge? Eh, win at 25, and your perceived slights can be whatever you want. MGoBlog:

I wish I could report that there was anything interesting about this, but the state of Arizona just upped the ante. For the most part, it wasn’t good shots, recommended shots, well-trained shots, well-crafted shots, or shots that revealed a fatal weakness in defense. They just ran around until they thought they had a seat, lined it up and it went down. On the off chance that it didn’t rattle, roll or bounce, it bounced back at a shooter who threw it or himself back onto the basket and he went in.

You never want to lose the bip-bim battle.

(*- not his fault at all, but it was far more painful due to the April 2020 announcement when absolutely nothing else was going on)

The mini hybrid

In all sincerity, we should all be ashamed. We have to get better and ask for more. I beg you to ask for more.

* * *

In Michigan circles, they call The Game “Armageddon 2.0” in reference to the 2006 tilt, but unlike that #1 vs. #2 epic, this game features teams that are a touch more flawed. Although both didn’t do their best last week, signs still point to a potential classic. That said, if Blake Corum’s knee injury limits him in any way, I don’t like M’s chances Everyone.

Going the optimistic route (never my choice) with Stroud, who is winless against Michigan, would be a very gratifying result. Since M didn’t play OSU in the COVID year, they haven’t actually lost to Ohio State since 2019; weird, funny, bullshit statistic. The Wolverines’ passing game — particularly deep shots — has waned significantly since the start of the season, and the Buckeyes can hurl it all over the field. Conversely, Michigan appear to be the more physical team in the trenches, and that was exactly the recipe for their excitement last season.

Bill Walton’s Western Civilization
No context college basketball

album cover.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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