The concert series honoring The Mill brings bands to the new stage in Iowa City

Legendary Iowa City venue The Mill will live on with a new concert series that will bring its former frequenters to a new stage directly across the street.

Instead of entering the now-demolished brick building at 120 E. Burlington St., concert-goers are invited to enter the La Wine Bar & Restaurant at 180 E. Burlington St.

Instead of spaghetti, viewers can eat Korean BBQ.

But they can hear well-known Iowa artists, including singer-songwriter Dave Zollo and Iowa bluesman Scott Cochran, over several weekends throughout December to recapture the spirit of The Mill and expand opportunities in the local music scene.

The Mill Revival Showcase Series is the brainchild of Bobber Hall, a drummer who has worked with numerous local bands including Illinois John Fever and Scorched Earth Policy – which, according to their Facebook page, have been revived since the 1990s to the present day.