StuGov approves funding for women’s rugby – Iowa State Daily

Catherine Kealey

Most Iowa student organizations are eligible for Senate funding.

The Senate voted 26-0 to provide funding for the women’s rugby trip to St. Louis to compete in the Elite 8 in Division One for the first time in Iowa state history.

“We’ve finally been able to break into the Elite 8 of this tournament, which is record-breaking for our club,” Madison Dunn, president of Women’s Rugby Club, said on Wednesday. “It’s the first time in the club’s history. That is why it is so important to us that we get this funding to prepare our trip.”

They were allotted $430.37 for their competition.

The Senate also voted unanimously to introduce uniform guidelines for scheduling student council cabinet meetings. According to Senate documents, this bill aims to increase attendance at cabinet meetings after attendance fell due to postponed meeting times. The legislation was introduced by Madeline Becker, a humanities and science senator and a sophomore with a major in economics.

The Senate also discussed allocating funds for Memorial Union’s audiovisual technicians to purchase new cameras and equipment for student government.

The bill, introduced by off-campus Sen. Ethan Matthews, a freshman major in performing arts, called for $13,773.76 for this equipment, which would allow student government to provide high-quality live streams.

When not in use, the equipment could be rented from other student organizations. It was also reported by Sen. Matthews that audiovisual experts were consulted when selecting the equipment to be required for these purposes.


Asray Gopa, a freshman major in computer science, was confirmed as a Senator for Liberal Arts & Sciences. Gopa is an international student from Bangalore, India.

Gopa was also confirmed as a member of the public affairs committee, where he said he hopes to help students make connections with resources on the Iowa State campus.

“I think the state of Iowa has excellent resources, but not many students know about them and don’t even use them,” Gopa said. “For example, the Multicultural Center – most people don’t even know where it is – is an excellent resource for POC students that could be put to better use.”

Addyson Kiene, a second-year public relations student, was also confirmed on the public relations committee. Kiene is a transfer student who hopes to make students aware of on-campus resources and the mental health and artist communities available on campus.

Aidan Perry, a freshman major in political science, was confirmed as a member of the public relations committee and said he hopes to build a community among international students.

Next week

The last session of the semester will take place on Wednesday, November 30th. At this session, the Senate will discuss the 2023 election law and adoption priorities and criteria for fiscal 2024.