Southeast Iowa Chiropractor With Sex Offender Records Retains License | KCII radio

The Iowa Board of Chiropractic has reached an agreement with Bruce Lindberg of Lindberg Chiropractic in Fairfield and Ottumwa Chiropractic Clinic that reinstates his license. This after criminal proceedings against him had been dropped in July. On 04/18th, Lindberg has been charged with minor assault as authorities allege that after treating a 10-year-old boy at his clinic on February 16, Lindberg hugged the child and kissed him on the head. A few weeks after the arrest, he agreed not to see any more patients until the case was resolved, at which time his license was suspended. The criminal case was dropped by a judge who considered that the complaint filed by the prosecutor’s office did not meet the legal definition of assault because the alleged acts did not inherently indicate criminal intent.

The agreement to restore his license allows Lindberg to practice but prohibits him from caring for anyone under the age of 18 or dependent adults. For all examinations and treatments carried out by Lindberg, an adult employee of his clinic must be present until revoked by the board.

While the criminal charge was dismissed, there is still a civil case against the 10-year-old as his parents claim the boy was not to be seen during the February events in question, but Lindberg took the child to an examination room and massaged the back of the boys with lotion, then hugged and kissed him, telling him he was “beautiful”, “adorable” and “the most handsome boy in the world”. In the civil suit, Lindberg was charged with assault, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and wrongdoing. Lindberg denies the allegations.

In 1990, he was sentenced to six years’ probation after being found guilty of two counts of child indecency and two counts of indecent exposure. There he was initially charged with seven counts of lascivious acts with a minor and admitted in court to having touched a child under the age of 14 in the groin area for his own sexual gratification. At the time, Lindberg was disfellowshipped from the Medicare program, and after an appeal, the judge issued a statement adding that Lindberg “did not limit his sexual misconduct toward these children to situations where unlawful touching was committed under the guise of a.” legitimate chiropractic treatment took place. He often sexually molested children in his home’s sauna, while playing water sports, and in his car to drive children to their homes.”