Our yesterday | Southeast Iowa Union

Nov 1939

In the Ten Acre Yield Contest, seven fields in the Richland Territory yielded over 100 bushels as follows: Baker Bros., 115.85; Albert Horras, 115.04; GI Dutton, 113.28; Logan Sellars, 112.78; Everett Jones, 112:67; Aaron Wonderlich, 107:59; and John V Adam, 102.27.

JW Hendrickson, our well known auctioneer and McCormick Deering dealer in Richland, attended the Saddle Horse Sale in Mexico, Missouri where 700 horses were auctioned and three horses were purchased.

Andy Hoekstra bought the grocery store IGA in Hedrick. Howard Stroud has been associated with the Hoekstra store here in Richland for several years and will be the manager. Nellie Bray takes Stroud’s place at the Richland store.

Nov 1953

Gilbert Starr has acquired his partner Ralph Steel’s stake in the Starr and Steel grocery store. Mr. Steel will soon take up his new duties as Acting Postmaster. Mr. Starr became the sole owner of the company.

The Iowa Highway Commission added something new to the state’s highway scene? red stop signs. The new red reflector signs have replaced the standard yellow and black signs at 30 of the state’s most dangerous freeway intersections and intersections. With the new signs in place, the commission will begin a two-year study to gather detailed data on drivers’ reactions to them. One of the signs was installed on the asphalt pavement at the intersection of Highways 78 and 1, two miles east of Richland.

Three young physicians, all graduates of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, will usher in the official opening of Fairfield Clinic on October 16th. The three physicians who chose Fairfield as the location for opening their general medical and surgical practice are Drs. James Dunlevy, Dr. Jack N Morgan and Dr. Chris L Palcheff.

Nov 1959

Mrs. Lorene Reinier and Ollie’s family have moved into Frank Andrews’ property which was recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Emmack and family.

Ben Young Farm Market has purchased the building on the east side of Richland Square recently occupied by the Hollingsworth Manufacturing Company. The purchase was made from Mrs. Florence Bridger. Mr. Young plans to use the building as a warehouse.

Richland’s new mayor will be Stanley Singer, who will replace LeRoy Sheetz, who was elected to the city council. Singer is a current member of the Council. The vote for councilors resulted in two new members, Richard Conklin and George Hendrickson. They will replace Leo V. Forinash and Keith Townsend, who were not candidates. Other elected councilors include Louie Egbert, Ray Ward and Sheetz.

Nov 1989

A new store has opened in Brighton. It will be known as JB’s Livestock Equipment and will be operated by Judith Bohlen. It will be fitted with all manner of livestock equipment and is based on the north edge of Brighton in the log cabin which is also their home.

John King, Richland, was inducted into the Coaches Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Des Moines hosted by the Iowa Athletic Coaches Association. King’s coaching career spans 35 years, 23 of which have been devoted to girls’ basketball. His teams won the state championship in 1941, finished second in 1947, third in 1940 and fourth in 1942. His record boasts 490 wins and just 124 losses.

Nov 1993

A landmark of over a century is no more. The Packwood elevator that served the area since 1884 is no longer there. Many farmers had stored grain, ground grain, and mixed commercial feed with it, but that’s a memory now. A city shop and the old landmark. The scale and the building remain. The new owners are Hammes Brothers of Richland. The remaining containers are now used for their own storage.

A bench commemorating Frank Bottger was recently installed in Richland Central Park. It was purchased by Harlene Bottger, Frank’s wife, and Robert McKenzie with memorial money given to the family at the time of Frank’s death. The bank was carefully placed east in the southwest corner of the park to be near Richland Lodge AF & AM. Frank Bottger was the first blind man to become a Freemason in the state of Iowa. He was 69 when he became a member and was a past Master of Richland Lodge. He was a very dedicated and enthusiastic member. Frank Böttger will always be remembered as a friend of all committed citizens of this community, this state and this nation.

dr Arnold, Ed. D, is the new superintendent of the Pekin Community School District. He and his family moved here from Kansas City, Missouri, where he was the principal of Park Hill Middle School.

Packwood Christian Church is pleased to announce the appointment of Harlan Van Voorst as pastor of its church. He currently teaches at Pekin Schools and will continue to do so alongside his part-time duties as pastor at Packwood.