New housing completed in Mt. Pleasant

Joe Mitchell completes housing project

The newly completed four family homes on East Monroe Street are now available for rent. (photo submitted)

Four two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units have been added to Mt. Pleasant’s condominium pool through the combined efforts of Joe Mitchell, the city and funds provided through a state grant. (photo submitted)

The living rooms are relatively open. (photo submitted)

MT. PLEASANT—After a little over a year, Joe Mitchell has announced that the East Monroe townhouses in Mt. Pleasant are complete and ready for occupancy.

Back in August 2021, Mitchell and his parents purchased a three-acre lot on East Monroe Street with the intention of developing additional housing opportunities in the Mt. Pleasant area.

According to Mitchell, the project’s success is due in part to the City of Mt. Pleasant’s willingness to work with him to develop the area and the Workforce Housing Tax Credit Grant.

“I’ve found that the Workforce Housing Tax Credit grant gives every community in Iowa, but in particular they have set aside quite a bit of money for rural towns like Mount Pleasant to build workers’ housing and housing that the average citizen can afford. and they help offset those costs by giving you that tax credit/subsidy,” Mitchell said.

The project received $300,000 from the development grant.

Eight terraced residential units were created in two buildings.

One building houses 1,300-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath units. The other contains three-bedroom, two-bathroom units at over 1,900 square feet.

According to Mitchell, these are the first condo/townhouse-type buildings to be built in the Mt. Pleasant area in a long time.

The smaller of the two includes lawn care and snow removal.

“They’re very roomy,” Mitchell said. “They could definitely have at least a family of three, maybe four. The other building could have five or six.”

Although the units have only recently opened, more than half are already occupied.

Mitchell isn’t done with Monroe Street yet.

“Starting next year, I and another group of partners will be building 20 townhouses in Mt. Pleasant,” he said. “They’ll actually be on West Monroe Street.”

In partnership with Kinney and Sons, Mitchell has already applied for another grant to fund this next project.

The expectation for these future units is to provide an alternative to owning an entire single family home and instead offer condos/townhouses for sale.

“I think there’s a lot of older folks in particular and young professionals who would like to have their own unit but one that’s a little more affordable,” Mitchell said. “We’re really excited about the project and what we’re about to do.”

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