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(Des Moines) – Despite the widespread drought, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig is pleased with the results of the fall harvest.

With the 2022 harvest all but complete, Naig assessed the outcome of KMA’s Morning Line program on Monday morning. While he expects total returns to fall 1% to 2%, Naig adds that the state has posted record-breaking returns over the past year. Overall, Naig says this year’s harvest was better than expected.

“Looking across the state,” Naig said, “there are certainly areas where yields have been down due to drought conditions, unfortunately, this drought is.”

Naig says certain areas of the state have experienced extreme droughts — Northwest Iowa in particular.

“You go to Sioux City and from there north to Sioux County, then north to Kossuth (county),” he said, “that really hit the spot for (drought). I even saw a D-4 drought — and we haven’t had a D-4 drought in the state of Iowa since 2012.”

Naig adds that precipitation levels in the northwest of the state were below normal.

“They’re talking about some areas that are 12 to 16 inches behind where they should be in terms of rainfall over the last 12 months,” Naig said. “That is significant. You don’t make up for that with a couple of really good rains.”

He adds that Southeast Iowa was another hit in terms of drought conditions. One bright spot was Southwest Iowa, which Naig said reported “solid” returns due to widespread rainfall.

“Well, there were some areas in southwest Iowa that had severe weather,” he said. “We had some hail and wind that got through earlier in the growing season. That could be another, I think you’d call it a bright spot, but we haven’t seen such widespread severe weather in the state of Iowa in the past year impacted in previous years.”

However, Naig warns that the entire state needs sufficient rainfall during the winter months to replenish soil conditions for next spring’s planting season. The USDA’s final Iowa crop report was scheduled to be released later Monday. You can hear the full interview with Mike Naig here:

Iowa Agriculture’s Mike Naig assesses the results of the 2022 crop and moisture requirements for next spring’s planting season. He also commented on his re-election and his goals for the coming legislative period.

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