Mt. Pleasant Scribblers meet monthly

The regional writers group, Mt. Pleasant Scribblers, met Monday, November 21, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. in the meeting room of Mt. Pleasant First Presbyterian Church.

The papers presented for this month were as follows:

Claudia Streeter started the readings with two selections. The first was a look back at her 2022 including family travel. She loved running on the dirt track at Daytona. “Trapped” followed her thoughts as she found herself in a neighboring town with what appeared to be a broken door latch. A Good Samaritan in Ace Hardware’s parking lot came to the rescue so she could still enjoy attending the event – but never wants to go through that again!

Ann Porter’s reading, A Sense of Perspective, was a personal reflection on how even negative events in life can be valuable and even a blessing.

Karen Osborne began with the loss of loved ones and caring for their loved ones. The final scene described the awkward moment of surprise when they learned that ash can solidify. And that was really fitting for a person who was remembered as having the ability to assert themselves and be “stubborn.”

Martha Wiley shared a description of a Scribblers trip to a book talk in Iowa City with author Amy Tan that felt more like an epic adventure.

Rita Davis reviewed the escalating prices of everyday essentials and compared them to the cost of items when she and her husband first married and when raising their family, which is happening now. She titled her piece “The Price Is Right?”

Losing something valuable can be traumatic, especially if it contains important, personal information about your life. Besides, you would never be able to replace everything. That valuable item would be your phone. This is what happened to Marilyn Vincent in her story: “Oh, no! Where is it?” In October, she and her husband drove to Lanesboro in southeast Minnesota to ride the Root River Bike Trail. After a long search and alerting the innkeeper, she was sure the phone was gone. She didn’t have time to look anymore and went home.Twenty miles from town a text message appeared on her husband’s phone.The phone had been found and was at the Welcome Center.They immediately turned around to drive back and locked the phone There are still honest people out there, and Marilyn wishes she could thank them personally.

Scribblers are happy to welcome new members interested in being part of a group and sharing their endeavors in the craft of writing. The next regular meeting will be on Monday, November 16 at 1:00 p.m. in the meeting room at the north entrance of First Presbyterian Church, 902 S. Walnut, Mt. Pleasant. For more information, contact Karen Osborne at 319-367-5586.


Martha Wieley