Iowa’s Giving Crew hands out thousands of Thanksgiving meals

At the time of writing, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only 6 days away. How did November go by so quickly? Six days until Turkey Day, there is a group in Iowa called the Iowa Giving Crew that has prepared to give out over a thousand Thanksgiving meals through their Give the Birds program.

You’ll be hearing this a lot over the next month and a half, but it’s important to remember that this is the most important time of year to be grateful for what you have and to remember that not everyone as lucky as you are. The Iowa Giving Crew is doing their part to help as many people as possible have Thanksgiving dinner. The Iowa Giving Crew collects meals to help 1,200 families.

Gathering and distributing so many meals is no easy task. According to KCRG, “It takes months to plan, fundraise, fundraise and assemble.” The team behind this hard work are volunteers from Cedar Rapids-based Van Meter Inc., a company best known for distributing electrical parts.

Jeff Miller is Van Meter Inc.’s chief information technology and distribution officer and told KCRG that being able to use their own equipment makes things easier during this process. He said,

We use our van meter conveyors and our gravity machines and other things to make things easier and make it easier for everyone.

While machines that Van Meter employees are familiar with help keep things running smoothly, it should be noted that the workforce is what keeps the process running. KCRG reports that at least 80 volunteers will help pack and ship meals.

When you need a Thanksgiving meal, you can rest assured that each box contains all the essentials you would associate with a Thanksgiving dinner. Danielle Monthei, fundraising director for the Iowa Giving Crew, told KCRG every box is full of good stuff.

We make sure each box contains a turkey, potatoes and green beans, along with bread and stuffing.

What more do you want? According to the Iowa Giving Crew website, each of these meals feeds about 4 people, and if you need a meal they ask you to keep an eye out on their Facebook page. They are still accepting donations and would like to thank everyone who has donated to make this possible

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