Iowa reaches comparisons with Walmart, Teva, Allergan

Iowa has reached definitive agreements totaling $42.6 million with opioid makers Teva Pharmaceuticals and Allergan after settling with Walmart earlier this month.

The settlements will provide up to $6.6 billion nationwide and will include “critical business practice changes and transparency requirements,” according to a press release.

“We have held Teva and Allergan responsible for marketing opioids in a deceptive manner and for failing to maintain effective controls to prevent diversion,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said in a press release. “And we will continue to make sure victims of this epidemic get the help they need.”

Teva, an Israel-based drugmaker that makes Actiq and Fentora, will use a maximum of 4.25 billion naloxone over a 13-year period to counteract overdoses.

States alleged that Teva promoted fast-acting fentanyl products, misleadingly marketed opioids, and failed to comply with requirements to monitor suspicious orders.

Ireland-based Allergan will pay governments up to $2.37 billion over seven years. States said they marketed opioids in a deceptive manner and failed to maintain effective controls to prevent opioid diversion.

On November 15, Iowa was one of several states in a $3.1 billion deal with Walmart. The settlement will net Iowa more than $19.9 million and will require significant improvements in how Walmart dispensaries handle opioids, according to a press release.

“This agreement with Walmart adds to the important advances we have already made through our agreements with opioid manufacturers and distributors,” said Mr. Miller. “As a result, meaningful resources will help people suffering from opioid addiction get the treatment and recovery services they need, and the changes in how pharmacies operate will ensure that this never happens again.”

The AG office previously announced settlements with CVS and Walgreens, the most recent settlements related to Iowa and the opioid crisis, following a string of other settlements dating back to 2021.

For more information on opioid use disorder treatment, visit the Attorney General’s website.

Earlier this month, Iowa announced they will be awarded more than $6 million in a Google location tracking settlement, as well as announced settlements with Experian and T-Mobile.