Iowa News Headlines Monday November 21, 2022 | Regional

(Des Moines) – A member of DCI’s crime lab told the State Medical Marijuana Board that the number of edible cannabis products on the market makes it difficult to determine which meet Iowa’s guidelines for legal medical use. Kelli Flanagan says they reached out to the DEA and found that federal officials face the same problem — developing and validating tests for hundreds of products is nearly impossible. She says the DEA tends to prioritize other controlled substances they use every day, like fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Flanagan says the DCI has placed the same focus on the issue as federal officials. The medical cannabis program office manager says the edibles legally sold under the Iowa programs are tested by the State Hygienic Lab to confirm they meet state standards.

(Nationwide) – The La Nina weather pattern will affect Iowa’s climate for the coming winter, likely bringing wetter and colder-than-normal temperatures. It’s La Nina’s third straight winter, but observers aren’t counting on a fourth appearance. Director of climate service for the National Weather Service’s central region, Doug Kluck, says La Nina is fading early next year. According to Kluck, the December-February forecast models show better chances of below-normal temperatures, also with above-average precipitation probabilities. A lot of those places need the water, Kluck says, adding we hope they get it.

(Des Moines) – The Iowan, who sits on the panel that will decide whether the factions of the Iowa Democratic Party come first in 2024, says Iowa is key to winning the presidency. Scott Brennan is a member of the Rules and Bylaws Panel of the Democratic National Committee. She is meeting in early December to discuss which states will vote first when the party selects its 2024 presidential nominee. Brennan says that under the current system, Democratic presidential candidates have won the popular vote in seven of the last eight elections. Brennan says the Democrats can’t turn the Midwest into a Republican monolith, and without a focus on Iowa, a Democrat can’t get the 270 votes needed to win the electoral college. Brennan made his comments on this weekend’s episode of “Iowa Press” on Iowa PBS.

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