Iowa contestant on The Bachelor brought a pig

In case you haven’t heard the news, one of the contestants for the new season of ABC’s The Bachelor is from Iowa! her name is Mercedes Northup, and while she currently resides in Nashville, she’s definitely still an Iowa girl at heart. The 23-year-old Bloomfield native made the first impression on bachelor Zach Shallcross at last night’s season premiere!

About halfway through the first episode, Mercedes finally meets Zach for the first time. Dressed in a sparkling red dress with silver high heels, Mercedes and Henry are walking. Who is Henry you ask? Oh, just a pig on a leash. No big deal!

The reason Mercedes brought a pig for her first meeting with Zach is because she grew up on a farm and exhibited pigs at the Iowa State Fair as a kid. she told the camera “Henry honestly stole the show from everyone. He impressed Zach, I think. So, hopefully that might lead to a first impression. I do not know!”

According to Des Moines Register, ten contestants were eliminated on the first night, but Mercedes wasn’t one of them! She ended up receiving a rose from Zach, which means we’ll definitely be seeing more of her this season. In fact, during the season preview that aired after the first episode, we see a brief shot of Mercedes saying: “I don’t trust Jess. She is manipulative.” and we also get a shot of her shedding some tears! As with all seasons of The Bachelor, we’re in for a lot of drama over the next few weeks!

The Bachelor, Youtube

The Bachelor, Youtube

The Bachelor, Youtube

The Bachelor, Youtube

Mercedes’ bio on the official Bachelor website says she is “fun loving, bubbly woman ready to spread her wings!” She apparently has four jobs, is very close to her mother, and has previously had two “serious relationships.” The rest of her biography reads:

“While Mercedes loves a night on the town in Nashville, she also enjoys staying home and snuggling with her dog. She says she’s looking for a man who makes her laugh and is someone she can bring to the family dinner on Sundays,” says Mercedes. Her love language is giving and receiving gifts, so hopefully Zach is ready with tokens of her love to be overwhelmed!”

We can’t wait to see what this season of ‘The Bachelor’ has in store for you!

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