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head coach Kevin dresser is on the way home.

For the second year in a row, Dresser and his team will compete at his former high school gym. Dresser won two state championships and compiled a record of 112-11-1 for the Wildcats.

The Cyclones take on defending NAIA champion Grand View at 2:00 p.m. Sunday.

“I want to make it. We look forward to it,” was the response Dresser received from Grand View head coach Nick Mitchell regarding attending this unique venue.

A new tradition

Hosting a dual in Humboldt is a tradition that Dresser hopes to continue each year.

“The Humboldt people are great for us. We hope to do this every year and we hope to have a D1 program next year. When they come they will have a great time. My boys, especially David Carr, said last year that it was one of the funniest duels he’s attended since he was at Iowa State, and I think that’s because of how intimate it is.”

Humboldt will fill their gymnasium with almost 2000 fans on Sunday. Dresser feels like those 2000 fans are right above you as you line up as the culmination of this opportunity.

“When you walk into the gym and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, they found a way to stuff and fill every nook and cranny of this place.’ If the firefighter overhears this… please don’t show up,” Dresser said.

The competition

“I know these guys will be super motivated. I know they have some people who are probably very aware of us, but we may not be as aware of them,” Dresser said. “We have to be ready to go because I’m sure it will be a good fight.”

Both programs will enter Sunday’s competition on their own respective double-win streaks.

Iowa State is currently holding a 17-win winning streak, which is the second-longest active streak nationally in Division I and the fourth-longest in program history. Grand View is currently holding a 116-game winning streak. The Vikings’ streak is the longest of all time in college wrestling.

The last time the Vikings lost a duel was the last time they faced the Cyclones in 2013. They lost 22-18.

“Sometimes these guys go under the radar and for every goofy situation they might not be D1 eligible guys but I know Coach Mitchell will have these guys ready.”

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