Democrats are voting on presidential primary that could affect Iowa

National Democrats are poised to turn decades-long political precedents on their head this week as they gather in Washington, DC, to vote on a new presidential nomination calendar β€” one that will finally pry Iowa from its status as first in the should push nation.

Members of the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee are exploring scenarios that could put New Hampshire or Nevada on top and put a new state like Michigan or Minnesota in the early voting window.

While the outcome is far from certain, few expect Iowa, which has been in the presidential nomination process since 1972, to hold onto its coveted position after a disastrous 2020 caucus that left the party dead for days, amid a tangle of technology and organizational failures.

The collapse fueled growing concerns among Democrats that the state is too white to represent an increasingly diverse party, prompting the committee to open its review of the calendar and first-voting states.