5 things we learned from Iowa’s big win over Minnesota

The pig is ours again!

In what appeared to be their fourth competitive game of the season, Iowa was once again up for the challenge. It wasn’t pretty at all, but pretty isn’t the Hawkeye way.

In freezing Minnesota weather, Iowa earned a narrow 13-10 win over the Gophers. It’s Iowa’s eighth, eighth straight win against a Minnesota program she just can’t understand. It was your stereotypical Big Ten West game, with both offenses seemingly unwilling to get the ball into the end zone.

Some might see it as boring, but for the millions (and millions) of fans in the Sicko community, this was all they could have asked for. Here are the five things we learned from Iowa’s big win.

Mo Ibrahim is definitely him

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I’ll start by giving credit where credit goes to gophers. Mohamed Ibrahim really is a great running back. Without him, Minnesota might as well have stayed at home. I mean, they’ve already been home, but that’s beside the point.

Ibrahim was her entire offense, throwing the stone 39 times! Thirty Nine Bears! This is his fifth straight game with over 30 carries. You would never be able to say that this man recovered from a season-ending injury last year. His late-game fumble was really costly, but it should have been just a footnote in this game. His team let him down.

Brian Ferentz can be a good play caller…sometimes

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Brian Ferentz, you confuse me man. They’ve announced a pretty great first quarter, at least by Iowa’s usual standards. That opening game was fantastic. He was aggressive and put the ball in Sam LaPorta’s hands.

What the hell happened the rest of the game?

Kaleb Johnson only gets eight carries while Leshon Williams has called his name 11 times is just stunning. Johnson looked really good running the ball and he just couldn’t get enough of it.

If Ferentz isn’t in charge of running back rotations, then I apologize. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he should have leaned on the running game, especially when Johnson is playing well, and it nearly burned her.

How do you manage to get three passes in a row after a big rally while barely killing a clock before bouncing right back after a long Minnesota drive? I just don’t get you man.

Minnesota absolutely can’t beat Iowa, and neither can PJ Fleck

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Eight in a row. That’s eight straight losses for the Gophers against Iowa. That’s two presidential terms. You could graduate from both high school and college as a Minnesotan without watching your beloved Gophers beat Iowa. Imagine how demoralizing that must feel, especially in a game that’s a rivalry game. I mean there’s literally a bronze pig on the track!

PJ Fleck seems like the perfect coach for Minnesota because he can’t understand the Hawkeyes either. He’s 0-6 against Kirk Ferentz and earning losses for two different programs. Ouch.

Cooper DeJean is Iowa’s most valuable defender

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I feel like we didn’t learn anything new this week, but something that was reinforced. In a defense full of high-profile players and award contenders, Cooper DeJean was the Hawkeyes’ most valuable. His big chase for Mo Ibrahim prevented a safe touchdown and held the Gophers to just three points. Those three points are the game right there. In addition, like every week, he made some key games in special teams.

Iowa just won’t go away and now controls her own destiny

Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

how about this A month ago the Hawkeyes were down and left to die. Now they control their way to the Big Ten Championship. That was one of those years in the Big Ten. With the month of November booming, Iowa is just one win away from slamming their ticket back to the championship game. The last team of its kind, Nebraska. Knowing Iowa, they’re gonna make us sweat every second of next week.

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