Leah McSweeney emerged onto the fashion scene in 2004 as the creator of the popular female streetwear brand Married to the MOB. After winning a settlement of $75,000 from a lawsuit against the New York City Police Department, McSweeney was able to finance her dream of creating unique streetwear for women, an area previously dominated by men. Her efforts soon gained worldwide success, and she was soon established as an icon in the industry.

Over the years, McSweeney has brought the MOB brand to new heights, incorporating on many exclusive projects, and collaborating with famous brands. These have included (but are not limited to,) ALIFE, colette, G-Shock, KAWS, Lacoste, Nike, Peanuts by Charles Schulz, Reebok, WU-Tang, and XLarge. Due to the success of MOB, McSweeney has been featured in a variety of prestigious news outlets (including  Elle, NYLON, The Observer, and PAPER,) and a segment in Built to Fail, a 2017 documentary observing the complexities of streetwear industry.

McSweeney has made several contributions outside of streetwear, providing content for several print and online publications. She has previously served as a contributing writer for Hypebae and Mass Appeal, and currently provides a monthly advice column for Penthouse Magazine. In recent years, she has also become a strong advocate for mental health awareness, sharing her personal journey with Bipolar II Disorder amongst her other endeavors. Leah McSweeney has made great strides in the streetwear industry, and her successes continue to entertain and inspire each day.